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Ahhh, the beauty of having Windows Live Writer on the mac again, I love it. 


So when I bought this machine, I said I would never run Boot Camp, Parallels, or Fusion on it because it only has 2GB of ram that is not upgradeable and who can run a VM with under a 1GB ram dedicated?  Well the answer is Windows 7 Starter Edition. 

How did I come to that conclusion, trial and error. 

We are prepping for a big event at TechEd 2011 (the announcement will be coming soon) and I needed Windows Live Writer on my Mac cause these WLW-alternative apps still suck pretty bad when comparing to WLW and they actually cost money.

So I bit the bullet, downloaded Starter edition from MSDN and install Parallels.  Each installation ran perfectly with no additional help needed from me.  I told Parallels to set it up Mac-like with Coherence and off it went.  I then installed what I hope to be the only app I use, Windows Live Writer.  Took maybe an hour of unattended install to get it all setup.  Now I run Windows from Parallels when I need to blog.  Yeah it has a significant startup time and does take up several GBs for one app, but man is that app worth it when it comes to blogging.

Now I will have to ability to create some GWB specific content for how to use the site and the tools we suggest via my mac without using a weird and poorly designed blog editor.

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