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I am definitely on the fence on this one.  I love the look and experience of Windows 8 in the video, but I am worried about all the talk about HTML 5 and not hearing anything about the WPF/Silverlight/XNA story.  We have seen Microsoft pick these tools for XBox and WP7, but now will they have a cohesive story that will sell tablets and also sell App builders.  The winner this battle with have to have the Apps so I can see why HTML5 is compelling, but it also does not drive loyalty and leads into one code base for iOS/Android/Windows8 and that does not sell tablets.


I have to admit, I wish I had more information, but just like any good movie or book, there is a climax that is hidden from the audience and that is what I expect Microsoft is trying to build up until the BUILD Windows conference in September.


What do you think?  


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I agree with you perhaps Micorsoft is wating for all the wow and bazinga to settle so it can have a nice huddle with all of us WPF/Silverlight/XNA platform developers to show off all the wonderful WPF/Silverlight/XNA tools and such for Windows 8. I think the HTML5 is just a move to look more friendly and approachable to developers who have apps on other platforms such as Android and IOS. Last I checked there are a lot of those guys with lots of apps that Microsoft may want to have over on to the Windows 8 side of the force...well kinda.
Left by Geashu on Jun 03, 2011 3:04 AM

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