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Hello everyone! I hope you have been doing well.

Over the past few years since Matt and his amazing team has taken over, I have had a few changes in my day-to-day activities. About one year ago, I hung up my responsibilities as the lead developer of AJi Software and started to lead the marketing initiatives. Now as Chief Marketing Officer, my days are spent working on content and reaching new audiences.

The years of work on Geekswithblogs from a platform marketing role gave me tons of experience that aligned with modern digital marketing tactics like Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a term that all developers should come to know if you work on public-facing sites for your company. It is an approach that is aligned with the heart of Geekswithblogs, provide amazing content to educate or entertain an audience on a consistent basis. This community has done this for over 11 years and I am proud to be a part of it. Companies that embrace Content Marketing provide platforms for their customers, influencers, and prospects to educate and entertain.

What have I been writing about

Most of my blog posts for the past 6 months have been about Agile Marketing. We all have seen the benefits of the agile processes in our software projects, but most other departments are a little late to the game. As part of a book I am working on, I broke all the content into concept to fit into blog posts and placed them into a backlog. Each week, I plan a sprint to produce the content for AJi and that includes primary blog posts, guest posting, podcasts, web page content, and graphics. The process works amazingly and I can’t wait to finish the book and share it with you all.

What have I been speaking about

Mostly I talk about the same topics: content marketing, content strategy, SEO, and agile marketing. In years past, I would travel around the US and speak at developer conferences, .NET user groups, and corporate IT departments. Now I present at marketing conferences, associations like DMA or AMA, and corporate Marketing departments. It has been a dramatic shift to rebuilding my voice as a marketing contributor, rather than someone in software, but I have enjoyed the process.

Midwest Marketing Show

Six months ago, I launched a new podcast aimed to show the world some of the cool marketing that is going on in the Midwest. We have had some amazing guest on the show and the format is very similar to that of the original Podcast Studio we did with If you are interested in marketing, check out some of our shows.

Sitecore Experience Marketing Platform

At AJi, over the past three years we have invested a lot in our Sitecore practice. We absolutely love the platform and our developers can solve problems faster and work on some amazing websites. I spent my last years developing on this platform, but I didn’t offer a lot back to the community.

This has to be one of my biggest regrets. My plan (and you know how those work out), is to transform this blog into my home for Sitecore content for developers and the occasional tech-savvy marketers. This has always been my favorite developer community (biased I know) and I can’t wait to be a community member again. I will also provide some tips on creating content for your blog and how to develop a cadence that is sustainable and audience building. I love helping bloggers build their brand.

Check out our page on the Sitecore Experience Platform for more details on the CMS.

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Hi Jeff, Any idea on how I could contact someone that looks after now to get them to look into the issue with the RSS feed being broken when using a custom domain?


I'd really appreciated it if you could bring this to their attention (or let me know how to contact them)

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