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We're less than a week away from TechEd US, and I finally have a blog up!  This year TechEd will be very exciting for me - my first ever event speaking as a non-Microsoftie.  This is a big change for me...  I have to get accustomed to referring to Microsoft as "they" instead of "we".

Even while working on the outside they seem to give me a ton of stuff to do - I have one breakout session and two TLCs:

Tuesday, June 3rd, @ 10:30AM - SOA03-TLC - Read World Business Activity Monitoring

This is not your ordinary BAM session!  We (Jesus Rodriguez and I) will be showing some cool demos on how to use BAM, which include some of the little-to-non-documented aspects of BAM.  The demos will show the combination of BAM and other technologies such as MOSS, WCF, SQL Server Analysis Services, etc.  Jesus is very excited about these demos, which says a lot!

Wednesday, June 4th @ 8:30AM - SOA09-TLC - Building Line-of-Business Adapters based on WCF

This was a last minute addition to my schedule, but why not?  I've spent a little time building an adapter to J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne using the WCF LOB Adapter SDK.  I plan to walk you through the steps I took while building this adapter and show you some of the working code (within reason, of course )

Wednesday, June 4th @ 4:30PM - SOA304 - Integrating Business Applications with Windows Communication Foundation

This topic is my bread-and-butter - Integration to LOBs.  In the past my sessions have focused on BizTalk Adapters.  Not this year!  This breakout will focus on the WCF developer and how they can integrate to business applications.  We will discuss the challenges of application integration and how WCF can be used to overcome those challenges.  We will have demos showing real-world patterns for leveraging WCF to interact with business applications.

And of course, part of the deal is that I spend a lot of time in the TLC area.  When I'm not speaking you will probably find me in the BizTalk TLC between Tuesday and Thursday.  Stop and say hi!

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# WCF and MOSS
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Hi Joe,

would you please confirm, if I expose WCF service with wsHttpBinding on IIS 6.0 and call it form MOSS workflow. will it work/allowed?

your early reply will be appriciated!

Left by Nitesh on Apr 22, 2009 1:06 AM

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