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I've been playing around with Atlas since the Jan CTP dropped a couple days ago. It's got some impressive functionality, as well as some (seemingly) glaring oversights. One of the things I'm trying to do is incorporate an UpdatePanel inside of a UserControl. I need the UpdatePanel to have a trigger that's on the containing page, but I can't get it to work. I've tried the following (on the containing page):

protected override void OnPreInit(EventArgs e)

ControlEventTrigger t = new ControlEventTrigger();
t.ControlID =
t.EventName =

I've also tried putting this code in OnInit, and have had no luck. I always get the error message The ControlID property of the trigger must reference a valid control. Has anyone else tried this and gotten it to work.

Another issue I've been having is that calls to a WebMethod in my page class aren't always executing. The javascript is: PageMethods.SomeMethodName(blah, onComplete, onTimeout, onError);.  Many times when I execute that javascript, the error method immediately executes, and in the event viewer on that machine I'll see the following:

Event code: 4009

Event message: Viewstate verification failed. Reason: Viewstate was invalid.

Google has proven useless thus far. Anyone have any thoughts?

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# re: Atlas - Jan CTP issues
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I used your code to add ControlEventTriggers for buttons generated by a DataList. When I change ID to ClientID things worked great.
Thanks for your example coede.
Left by Hugo de Vreugd on Apr 21, 2006 2:18 AM

# re: Atlas - Jan CTP issues
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Hey Jonas,
I'm having the same problem with the ControlID not exist.

can you please offer me insight on how to resolved the datalist working with update panel?

i'm at
Left by Rodney Santiago on Oct 09, 2006 5:07 AM

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