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One of the greatest barriers to entry for many developers getting into TFS is the setup and install of the system.  Fortunately, Microsoft has made it possible for anyone to stand up an their own private instance of TFS in the cloud. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can have a fully functional TFS instance including source control, work item tracking, and all the dash boarding you could ask for.

It really is that easy, just go to to get started.


Click get started for free and away you go. Now, it will base your account on your Microsoft Live Id so if you don’t have one you will have to create one. Once you have that, you get to pick your tfs instance name.


As long as its not in use, you can pick whatever name you would like. [The name you choose] will be the name of your instance.

Click the Create Account button and away you go. Once you get past the “Creating Account” screen, you get your cool new home screen. Just like that, you have a full tfs instance, at your fingertips.



Now, all that’s left is hooking that up to Visual Studio.

To do that, open Visual Studio. Once open, select Team-> Connect to TFS or click “Connect to TFS” on the start screen.



Once in there, you will have to add the server to your list. Then connect and you are hooked up.



Except, you don’t have any projects… So, click back over to your TFS Preview instance and lets get that kicked off. Once you are at your TFS Preview screen, click “Create New Team Project.” I know, that should be obvious….


Once in there, you will need to select a name for your project and a process template. We will get into those later, but for now I would suggest the Scrum 2.0 template.

Once you click on “Create Project,” TFS will do its thing and then a TFS project will be there for you. Click over to Visual Studio and complete the process of adding the TFS server to visual studio.


Click on Connect and you are all set. You now have a functional TFS instance at your fingertips.



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