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Another great meeting!!! Tonight I walked in with Bill; I got to help push the mounds of food and drinks in. As usual the meeting was held at the Microsoft Malvern campus. The meeting started with Dani Diaz our local MS rep. His course was named VS c# Tips and Tricks for the MS Visual Studio 2008 IDE.
Dani started out with showing us around VS 2008, key commands, explaining the versioning and how it works, etc. Some of the key commands that he showed were pretty cool, ones I never saw before. Then he went into some of the code changes, things like how we no longer need to add local variables to properties and not having to type new for objects where you are adding the properties when instantiate the values. Name Object initializers (also collection initializers).  He obviously talked about LINQ, and how to write code using it.
Tonight Devon Consulting sponsored the event. They supplied all the food – lots of food – 90 people or so!!! One of the leaders of Devon spoke about how they get jobs… And they gave away a GPS unit.
Our main speaker of the night was David Solivan, another MS evangelist. His subject was the magic of Application Life Cycle. He started off speaking about how many projects fail and how many succeed. How we manage requirement changes and quality. The problem is it takes more than developers to produce a solution. The new focus is People, process, tools. (The Team System).  
We had a discussion on Team Foundation Server and the advances MS made compared to Source Safe. Dave showed how much better the team editions are over the ole individual versions. He showed how much more useful the Team Editions are. Showed the entire life cycle of a development project and how each person’s role is just as important as the others. Microsoft is shifting from selling to just developers. They realize there is an entire team of people that are required to properly get a development project completed.
The night as most of the meetings was a 10! Meaning GREAT!
If you are not in a user group you are missing out!
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