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Well, we are halfway through day 1 and there are some very cool things being demonstrated and released.  First, another reminder that you can see all the sessions for Mix09 at

One of the biggest topics of the conference so far is the release of Silverlight 3 into beta.  There are a lot of great technologies which come along with this release including the ability to disconnect Silverlight applications from the browser. 

Myy personal favorite new application update is the release of Microsoft Expression Blend v3 (  This tool has been radically updated and includes a GREAT NEW SET OF FEATURES called "SketchFlow".  This is a completely integrated prototyping and design set of tools and technologies which allows UI's to be quickly prototyped and the transitions from these prototypes to be easily simulated.  Once these prototypes are done, a complete web-based "preview" tool can be used to host the prototype and gather user feedback on different elements.  This feedback is then able to be provided right back to the designers and developers through an integrated view.  More info on SketchFlow can be found at

Another great new release is the inclusion of a new tool in the Expression Suite called Expression Web SuperPreview.  This is a fully CSS compliant browser compatibility workbench that integrates into Expression Web or can be used standalone.  This tool allows you to do complete side by side testing of web pages in Opera, FireFox, IE, and Chrome (including various versions of these browsers).  This tool allows you to see the same web page in various browsers side-by-side or even overlapping.  It also provides a huge amount of detail to assist in debugging when various DOM elements don't align.  More information on this tool can be found here:  This tool can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.

For more information on Silverlight 3 (and a number of other tools currently undergoing major releases at Mix09), please see this link:

More to come...

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