Mozilla Firebird

Speaking of open source, how cool is Mozilla's Firebird?  There are a few features that I (like everyone else who's used it) think are useful.  Tabbed windows, Adblock (I try to block only the overwhelmingly annoying ads -- you know, the ones that take over 1/3 of the page), pop up blocking, and one other feature: open a group of favorites in tabs.

This last feature doesn't make the lists too often, but I think it is great.  Try this:  Create a folder in the bookmark favorites bar.  Put a few links in the folder.  Now when you click on the folder in the menu bar, a new choice will appear at the bottom: “Open in tabs”.  Clicking on this will open all of the bookmarks in the folder in separate tab in the same window.

Admittedly, I use this less often now that I have discovered news aggregators and RSS feeds.  But for those sites that don't have RSS feeds (like the Columbus Dispatch!), I can open them all at once.

Couple this with the right click --> open in new tab, As I work down the news items on their site, I'll right click to open that article in new tab.  Once I'm at the bottom, all of the articles I've selected are waiting for me in the tabs.

Print | posted @ Friday, March 19, 2004 8:25 PM