Getting Hotmail messages in GMail

I got my renewal notice this morning for a service that I was using.  The service would fetch email from my Hotmail account and put it in their POP3 servers.  I had GMail set to then retrieve the messages from the service’s servers.

Well, this service is no longer necessary because Hotmail now has POP3 service with their free accounts (which I found out by reading this).

All you need to know is how to setup GMail to access a POP3 server using these values:

POP server: (Port 995)
POP SSL required? Yes
User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
SMTP server: (Port 25)
Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
TLS/SSL required? Yes

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