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Last week I had a pleasure to speak at the Microsoft’s Developer Days 2012 in Sophia, Bulgaria. It was a great conference and I met lots of cool people there.

I did a session about Kinect Hacking. My goal was to give a good understanding of Kinect inner workings, how it can be used to develop Windows applications. Later I showed examples of interesting projects utilizing the full potential the Kinect sensor. Below you can find my slides and source code of one of the demos (the one where “Szymon went to the Moon”).

But I wasn’t the only one to talk about Kinect. On the 2nd day Rob Miles also did a fun session titled “Kinect Mayhem: Psychedelic Ghost Cameras, Virtual Mallets, a Kiss Detector and a Head Tapping Game” (you can watch recording of this session from TechDays Netherlands on Channel9). Later that day Yishai Galatzer made a big surprise during his session about Extending WebMatrix, and showed a plugin enabling to take control of WebMatrix with Kinect gestures. Best thing was that he wrote it during the conference, with no previous experience with Kinect SDK (I might helped him a bit to get started).

Thanks for the invitation and I hope to see you soon!

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