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ugly_girl At the AgileKC meeting this last month Martin Olson gave a great overview of Scrum. There were some people who came to learn about Scrum and Agile Development in general. They came to hear the good, the bad and the tips and tricks. One of the things I mentioned, having made my first attempt at XP this last year at my new job, was that they might find some real ugliness in their current development environment and will be forced to deal with it. My Analogy:

Agile development is a lot like turning on the lights at the bar at three in the morning. You really start to see things that, under the low lights and disco ball, look okay but are really NOT okay once the house lights are on. That girl you've been dancing with may turn out to look more like your uncle Fred, once you can see her clearly. It's not her fault. She didn't set the disco ball and fog machine in motion, that's just the environment you've been in. Agile is not to blame, when it reveals the ugliness of your environment to you.

How have your experiences with Agile development been the same? Different? Is the analogy fair?

Just a thought...


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