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Atomsk and Robert McLaws have been musing about the Zune becoming a wireless Vista SideShow appliance, and having a port on laptops where you can dock to charge it.

Since SideShow requires very little power to get the job done, what about going the distance and making a SideShow-enabled watch?  For awhile we were hearing about the PocketPC architecture miniaturizing into watch form, but I don't think we even need to have that much OS to have something very useful.  Just having your calendar, weather report, or IM notifications right there on the wrist is plenty, no need for Excel and Tetris.  Isn't it possible to have a rechargeable watch with a very low power bluetooth connection for this?

By the way, for those who haven't dug into Vista Gadgets for the SideBar yet, man are they simple, and pretty slick, too.  All that JavaScript you've been digging into so you can impress your friends with AJAX tricks will also pay off when it comes to messing with Gadgets and WPF/E.

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