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Bush's immigration regulations will be in place in 30 days, requiring working immigrants to have social security numbers or be firedCorrelate this with the recent discovery that Mexicans are not sending as much money back home, and it looks like we've got a definite trend going on.  Increased security at the borders is playing a part in this.  It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the latter part of the decade with higher construction costs, more expensive produce, hotel rooms, etc.

With these changes I'm sure it will be tempting for many people to "borrow" someone else's identity in order to get documented, with the additional perk that when tax time comes, they won't have to worry about paying any above the minimum withholdings.  And more likely than not, those unlucky folks who have their identity stolen won't even be aware of it until questions arise about additional W-2 income they were never aware of.  Hopefully I'm wrong about all this, but based on the trend I think it's something to at least be aware of, especially for those of us in IT responsible for safeguarding people's data.  I think you can never be too cautious when it comes to birth dates and social security numbers.

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