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I heard about the first Maker Faire, which was spring of last year, after it happened.  And from all the great stuff I heard it made me determined to go with my oldest son out to the second Maker Faire.  He's into gadgets, and I figured it would be great for him to see all that ingenuity on display.  That was back in May of this year out in Silicon Valley.  It was tremendous.  Well worth going.  Contraptions of all sorts were out on display.  Ended up that I found cheap $70 round trip seats on a Southwest flight, so I was able to also bring my dad and brother out to the event as well, and we all loved it.

So when I heard there would be another Maker Faire next month in Austin, my interest was certainly picqued!  Enough to plan a trip for the whole family out to the event.  On a whim I submitted a contraption I had built that has proven to be quite convenient:  a lithium-powered scooter that I take along many times when I fly:

I had actually brought it out to the last Maker Faire, and it ended up being quite a convenient way to get around.  This time I wanted to enter it more officially in the event.  Turns out it was accepted!  So if you come out to the Travis County fairgrounds on the 20th and 21st you'll see me using up a few pennies of electrical power to scoot around the event.  Come out and join the fun!

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