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Today begins the Get Fit in February Challenge from Facebook. If you haven't already signed up - check it out while the month is still young and compete against over 100 other geeks for an MSDN subscription and other prizes! :)

Here's my first blog entry concerning the challenge. I'm starting the challenge at 210 lbs...yeah I ended up putting on some of what I lost last year after giving up soda completely. I was down to 195 for a while but I guess the holidays and then not really paying attention let things creep back up on me. So one goal for this challenge is to get back to that weight level again.

I'm also starting up the 100 push ups challenge again - and this time have 4 people in my office plus my neighbor joining me on the challenge. My initial test the other night was 43 - I could have probably done more but just was feeling lazy at that point. Either way it's a good starting point because rather than the full 6 week program I'm going to start off at Week 3 and try to complete it during the month of February! Posted on Sunday, February 1, 2009 11:31 PM Non-Technical , Just for fun | Back to top

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