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Dear Social Media Community,

Now that the 2nd suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing has been captured and the good citizens of Boston can breathe a little easier knowing he’s not in their midst, can we, as a community come together and snowball the mainstream media with our stories of the goodness of our brothers and sisters that was demonstrated in the aftermath of this tragedy?

The mainstream media is going to be awash with accounts of the lives of the suspects that led up to the point where they became the most wanted men in the U.S.A. I don’t really care about “their story” and I don’t want to focus on their evil acts. I want to hear from all of you about the really awesome stuff that came about from this.

I’m not talking just about the amazing men and women of the Boston and surrounding area’s first responder units (Police, Fire, EMS) or the amazing doctors, nurses and medical techs who helped when the first victims arrived and continue to help as some remain in their care. I’m talking about everyone. From the guy in the cowboy hat rushing an injured runner to care in a wheelchair to the other everyday citizens who saw a brother or sister in need and jumped in to help. The one’s who would probably remain nameless and maybe they’d like their anonymity preferring to know they did a fine job helping and restoring things afterwards unless their story comes out.

During the past few days as a Social Media Community you have all sent thousands upon thousands of imagery to the law enforcement agencies investigating this crime. Now I want you to start sending the positive images of people helping people to the media, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, via e-mail to your friends you went to high school with. I want blog posts talking about how the good people of Boston opened up their homes and businesses to strangers in a time of need. I want Facebook updates talking about the healing process the victims are going through as they adjust to a new life, and perhaps even a new body image after this crime. Overwhelm our nation’s attention if nothing else than for a few days now with stories of hope, courage, strength, and resolve.

I know the mainstream media won’t do it. It’s not a money maker for them. Doom and gloom sells. But you, the community aren’t in this for the money. You’re in it for the sense of community. The sense of shared experiences and bonds with others in your community. And you outnumber them beyond belief.

And I don’t want made up stuff either. I don’t want talk about charities. The good and legit charities will do a fine job of raising the funds they need through their usual channels. I don’t want some scumbag to create a “charity” over this and tarnishing the image of those who do good. 

I know there have to be enough genuine and awesome stories of how those affected directly and indirectly bonded together and faced what was handed to them. It's time to let the world know.

Yours in love, hope, fear and peace.


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