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Today I did a presentation on DAO pattern (Data Access Objects) for the Sri Lanka .net community at Microsoft Sri Lanka office. This was my first public presentation even though I have done presentations for my colleagues and have trained them. Actually this was a new experience to me. I don’t happy with my presentation skills there today but I think I can improve quickly as I have always done. Anyway my friends commented me as it’s a good one but how can I trust them since they are my close friends. :D Anyway I learned a lot from doing this and try to do better in future. I would like to say thanks to all my friends who encourage me to do this presentation including Dinesh, Wella, Ludmal, Chandana, Charith, AsankaM etc… There are lots more. :D I'm very proud of that I have lots of great friends.

Since my topic is bit advance and new to lots of developers who haven’t involving in application deign and architecture they might felt in little difficulty in understanding. There is no time to explain some related patterns and technologies in detail there. 

Ok, anyone who doesn’t know about DAO pattern just checks this out. This is the blue print of the pattern from Java world (Sun). Anyway my implementation has little bit changes to fit in to my scenario.

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Hey Man, you did it greatly and you have answered seriously to all the questions. Go ahead…!
Left by Chandana N. Athauda on Sep 08, 2006 5:39 AM

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