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Last couple of weeks I was really busy with some R&D works on Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
May be you already know GWT is an open source software development framework for creating Ajax enabled web applications like Gmail. Wonderful thing about GWT is may be you don’t have any knowledge about Ajax or in depth knowledge in java script but yet you can develop very advanced Ajax enabled applications. So if you have a web application project and a team of java developers who don’t know much about web this is it.

If you have used Ajax you might know that how tedious and annoying process is to write java scripts. You have to be concern about things like cross-browser problems, platforms and much more. We are wasting lot of our valuable time on locating and fixing JavaScript errors.

Using GWT you can create front end using Java with your favorite IDE including good old Eclipse and the GWT compiler converts your java code in to browser complaint JavaScript and HTML. So we have luxuries like debugging our code in the IDE.

If you wanna know more about GWT go to GWT home and try it. There are lots of examples and a good documentation. I bet you will really love it.

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