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Today Patrick gives me a new license for his static code analysis tool NDepend for my fresh machine with Win7/64. This platform is new for me, so some things are different to Win XP. Maybe that till yet some of these things are not well enough understandanded from me. So i stepped in some traps.

Here are my notes to get NDepend running.

  1. Download of NDepend Professional Edition from
  2. Extracted to
    c:\program files (x86)\NDepend
  3. Started NDepend.Install.VisualStudioAddin.exe
    this failed with

    Okay – sounds plausible.
  4. Copy NDependProLicense.xml to this folder Winking smile
  5. Next try with NDepend.Install.VisualStudioAddin.exe opens the integration dialog

  6. Registering in Visual Studio failed with

  7. Manually unblock as described (first solution hint)

    and here comes my largest understanding problem. After unblocking this file

    and closing this dialog the next opening shows the blocking again:

    So the same error during integration pops up.
  8. Okay – tried the second solution hint with copying folders
    Copy all to a full accessable folder under c:\temp\
  9. Now the installation works


    looks good
  10. copying the folders back to
  11. c:\program files (x86)\NDepend
  12. starting Visual Studio failed with
  13. Okay – copying the folder to a private application folder
    c:\users\apf\My Applications\NDepend
  14. Installing again
  15. Now Visual Studio runs and NDepend is integrated

Nevertheless my machine is only used by me, i prefer “all user”-installations. The described way works sadly only for my account.

posted on Monday, December 27, 2010 7:10 PM


# re: Installation experiences with NDepend under Win7/64 with restricted user permissions 12/28/2010 12:46 PM Patrick Smacchia
Indeed Windows makes it hard to install in Program Files, it is recommended to install it in a private folder. We updated the Getting Started doc and the email sent to clients with the notice:

To install NDepend, just unzip the files in a private application folder on your machine.
Don't unzip files in '%ProgramFiles%\NDepend'. This will provoke problems because of Windows protection.

Thanks for the feedback
NDepend Team

# re: Installation experiences with NDepend under Win7/64 with restricted user permissions 12/29/2010 12:35 PM emlak
Thank you for sharing

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