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January 2013 Entries

Problem If you try to delete large folders with explorer it could run for several minutes. Also when you try to suppress the moving to recycle bin via SHIFT + DEL. Solution From all variants to do this, rmdir in command prompt is my favorite rmdir /s/q <foldername> btw: deleting of files with good old DOS-del is also a fast way – particularly when you redirect the output: del /f/s/q *.* > nul ......

Problem If you go in Explorer to the GAC folder (%windir%\Assembly) a shell extension gives you a special view of the content there: In this view you couldn’t copy the DLLs to somewhere else. Solution With a special registry intervention you could deactivate the shell extension so that Explorer shows the content in a normal way. But this is like a hack. If you are practiced with command line you could go to the assembly folder And the smartest with explorer is to map a network drive to \\<your ......