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By playing with F# and ArcGIS Runtime I tried to re-create a sample C# project to F#. For the WPF part I used the Visual Studio extension F# Empty Windows App (WPF) and F# Windows App (WPF, MVVM) the NuGet packages FSharp.ViewModule.Core and FsXaml for WPF. The XAML I copied more or less without changes to the F# project. During running the app it immediately crashed with an error: Additional information: 'Cannot create unknown type '{ Line number ......

If you develop ArcGIS Add-ins with Visual Studio under limited permissions you get during the build process an error, that the stuff could not be registered. Normally its enough to run one times this build as an admin. Then all needed information are set and also taken for users with limited access. So – how to suppress the registration task? If you look inside the running target (C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\ESRI\ESRI.Arc... you will see these statements: <Warning Text="Skipping ......

Vorkenntnisse: Kenntnisse einer Programmiersprache sind hilfreich. Zielgruppe: Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle Softwareentwickler und Softwarearchitekten, die Lösungen in Form von ArcGIS Desktop Erweiterungen oder ArcGIS Engine Anwendungen planen und entwickeln. Kurzbeschreibung: Professionelle Softwareentwicklung hat primär nichts mit Geld zu tun, oder mit der Verwendung teurer Entwicklungstools. Vielmehr basiert Professionelle Softwareentwicklung auf Werten mit dem Ziel, dauerhaft guten, fehlerfreien ......

For little GUI-changes in own ArcMap-customizations normally it is enough to start the application and look that every entry is visible. Especially for refactoring of an own toolbar it was still enough to verify that the toolbar is already shown in the choice-list. But this is a fallacy: the entries there comes from a cache. You could verify this by dumping informations in the toolbar constructor. The constructor is only called if the toolbar is activated! Otherwise you see the toolbar name, but ......

During a refactoring i realized that renaming of components, which will be registered for COM-Interop, must be done carefully. In my case i changed the casing of XyzToolbar to XyzToolBar. At the developing machine everything works fine. But after installing the modified stuff at the production machine, the toolbar was not visible. Using regasm with the new assemblies helped. So this was the hint: we use WIX to build the setup. And during setup-development the heat-tool extracted the needed registry-keys. ......