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Troubleshooting for Microsoft Exchange
Exchange is a complex and large product which can have one thousand and one possible issues, one more obscure as the next. The purpose of this guide is to shed some light, where possible, to how things work in Exchange (and outlook), how they can break and how you should approach the issue at hand. Unfortunately it is very time consuming to create a complete troubleshooting guide where every dependency is explained in detail. But that is not the aim of this document anyways. What is the aim? Give ......

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The information store service is stopped and will not start
This blog has moved to https://hornedowl.netTroubl... the information store service can be straightforward yet immensely complicated if you don’t know what is going on. For this reason I think it is important to know that there are 3 likely culprits that will cause your information store service to go down and refuse to come up: · Database problems · Active directory problems · Antivirus software Trying to work out which is the culprit can be hard, elimination is probably the easiest way to ......

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KB2644137: Windows Network Load Balancing does not work in an Exchange Server cluster
MS knowledge base article which is of interest: Consider the following scenario: You have multiple servers that are running Microsoft Exchange Server. The servers that are running Exchange Server are hosted in a VMware ESX environment. The servers that are running Exchange Server are part of a Windows Network Load Balancing cluster. Windows Network Load Balancing is configured to run in unicast mode. In this scenario, Windows Network Load Balancing may not work correctly. For example, network traffic ......

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Exchange 2010 SP2!
Has been released! Get your copy right here! And make sure to get it while it is hot ! There has been some long awaited (at least by me ) features included in it and you can read more on that here. And don’t forget this service pack makes changes to the hosted environment supportability! We’ll have to wait a bit longer before we get more details on that but stay tuned! Technorati Tags: Exchange,environment ......

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