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Having posted on the SQL Adapter to select data from a SQL Server database, I realised (too late as it happens!) that I had missed one approach.
This approach is to use the Strongly-Typed Procedures option from the Adapter UI.
You can see you get to choose from the same list of stored procedures, but this time you get additional schemas generated.
The approach I took was the same as used for the untyped stored procedure, so taking a file in, transforming using a String Concatenate functoid, calling the operation and then returning the result.
You can see here the difference between using an untyped procedure from the previous post and a strongly-typed procedure.
Looking at the schemas that feed in to the response, you can see the untyped result has the two <any/> elements to hold the schema and the result,
whilst the strongly-typed response contains the actual typed result.
Again, the important thing to remember here is not once has it been necessary to put FOR XML anywhere in any query or strongly procedure.
Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 10:40 AM BizTalk , WCF , SOA | Back to top

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