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Team System ships with several modeling tools called designers. These are not UML based design tools and are tied directly to the Dynamic Systems Initiative that Microsoft is pushing. The designers included with VSTS are the Logical Data Center designer, the Application designer, the System designer, the Deployment designer and the Class designer. The Logical Data Center designer is used to model logical servers in your data center. You can create representations of servers and zones which represent communication boundaries. You connect zones with end-points and servers communicate between zones by first connecting to the end point and then to the end-point of another zone. What this designer allows your architect to do is model the networking and server constraints of your sever environment and then use this as a check for any new systems you might deploy. The Application designer is used to model applications like web sites, databases or web services. Applications created in the Application designer are used in the system designer. This designer allows your architect to define you application as well as any configuration settings (web.config or app.config) for the application. Once everything is setup for the application, the architect can also automatically create the source code and projects for the developers to use. The System designer is used to group applications together and define system. As an example, an application may consist of three web services, a web site and a database. All of these pieces come together to define the system. This designer also allows the architect to add setting for the entire system. The Deployment designer is used to take a system and test it against your Logical Data Center definition. It allows your architect to select the various applications in your system and then deploy them to your logical servers and then validate that all application will run given the server and communication constraints. If your Logical Data Center diagram is done well it will also allow you to validate if applications can see one another. The Class designer is used to model your applications classes. You can either create your classes in code or then generate the Class diagram or you can create your classes in the Class designer. While this is cool in theory, I have found that this is very slow. Also, I think there are already several verify good refactoring tools out there. That's all for the VSTS designers for now. I will be doing a web cast on them some time later this month or in July, so check back for more information. Happy Coding! Posted on Sunday, June 4, 2006 3:06 PM | Back to top

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