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Ok, so that was a bad A-Team reference... The features that Team System offers to organizations with mature requirements gathering and management processes are well documented. But what if you have a small group of business analysts or are just beginning to feel your way down that road? Out of the box, Team System provides many features that facilitate the job ofáthe business analysts in your organization. Team System provides many document management features through its use of SharePoint Services. SharePoint provides document versioning (check-in/check-out) so that a history of changes can be maintained. SharePoint Services also allows users to subscribe to alerts which are emails sent to notify of changes to documents, lists or notifications. Document libraries can also be setup to require approval meaning that newly added documents must be marked as approved by users with Administrator or Web Designer permission. Also, custom properties can be added to your document libraries to capture additional information for display in SharePoint. Both the MSF for Agile and the MSF for CMMI process templates contain a work item type that can be used by business analyst. The MSF for Agile process template contains a Scenario work item. The MSF for CMMI process template contains a Requirement work item. Both of these types of work items can be used to record the feature set of your projects. To record time spent by business analyst collecting and refining requirements create a Task work item and link it to the Scenario or Requirement that it refers to. The Task or the Requirement can also be linked to the requirement document or documents stored in SharePoint. With MSF for CMMI a Review work item can also be created to record requirement review sessions and to document approvals. Work item fields can also be customized to limit who can change certain fields or to whom a work item can be assigned when in a given state using the "When" and "WhenNot" tags. Happy Coding!!! Posted on Friday, June 16, 2006 3:06 PM | Back to top

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