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Let me preface this post be saying that I do a lot of presentations of VSTS and other products.á I installed Vista Beta 2 a while ago and I had to remove it because VPC would not run very well.á I found out last week that VPC 2007 Beta was available and decided to go ahead and give it a try (what's an hour Ghosting between friends?).áWhen I installed Vista I was amazed at the progress the installation had made.ááMy plan was to install WindowsáXP and then upgrade to Vista as I had doneáwith the Beta 2, butáthis was not to be.á So, with a recently formatted drive and no OS on my system partition, I put in the Vista DVD andágave it a try.á Not only did Vista install with no issues, but it picked up ALL of my devices and drivers!á Nowáif youáhave been installingáWindows as long as Iáhave, yourájaw just dropped!ááIáhave also installed VSTS and have been able to access my VPCs.? The one issueáI am having is thatámy processor (P4 3.4gz Hyper Threaded) does not run as well as it should.á I submitted this to MS, but I bet there will need to be an update to the BIOS or Chipset.á Anyhow, enjoy installing Vista! Happing Coding!!! Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2006 9:10 PM Vista | Back to top

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