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Sorry that I have not blogged in a while.á I have been working on the VSTS TS Certification and it has taken all of my extra time! If you have a common library that is used in more than one project you may be wondering about the best way to set this up in TFS.á This is more of an urgent issue if you are using Team Foundation Build.ááThe issue comes when you have a common projectáthat may be in either another Team Project or at a level in TFS Version Control that is not relative to the project that is using the common code.á From my perspective, the issue comes down to whether you need to test and/or buildáthe common code or not.á If you need to run automated tests orábuildsáthat include the common code, your best option is to branch the code of the common library into a location that can be accessed in the solution that uses the file.á If you don't want the code to be edited in the branch, simply remove checkout and check in permissions on the branched code.á This will force all changes to be made at the origin of the common project.á If you don't need the testing or build functionality (and why would you not need it?) you can simply reference the project or use the DLL reference. Happy Coding!!! Posted on Friday, December 22, 2006 8:12 PM Administration | Back to top

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