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We are currently in ward 23 the kids cardiac ward at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and have been playing with the code club kids programming books and AJ has created his first computer programme.

The Dr's work so hard here so we decided to help by creating ROBODOC the new NHS Super Computer Doctor.  

To use ROBODOC you simply ask it for a diagnosis  and it will give you advice to help you.  - Note this is not real Dr's advice so please dont use this to genuinely diagnose your health issues :-)

Anyway if anyone wants to play with ROBODOC, you need python and the code is below:

#ROBODOC - The NHS Super Computer Doctor
#AJ Stephenson
#Aged 8
#Written on: 2014-01-08

import random

# save the answers to use later
ans1="I think lots of medicine is required!"
ans2="I recommend a long session in the play room"
ans3="I blame the hospital food!"
ans4="I think it could be man flu?"
ans5="I prescribe TLC!"
ans6="On no its highly contagious"
ans7="Hmmmm it doesnt look good!"
ans8="Man up theres nothing wrong with you"


while loopVal == 1:
    # open game
    print("welcome to ROBODOC \n\tThe new NHS super computer doctor \n")
    # get the users for advice
    question = input("Ask me for a diagnosis.  \n Then press ENTER and ill work my magic \n")

    print("shaking ...\n" * 4)

    # choose a random answer
    choice = random.randint(1,8)

    if choice == 1:
    elif choice == 2:
        answer = ans2
    elif choice == 3:
        answer = ans3
    elif choice == 4:
        answer = ans4
    elif choice == 5:
    elif choice == 6:
        answer = ans6
    elif choice == 7:
        answer = ans7
        answer = ans8

    # print the answer
    print (answer)
    print ("\n\n\n")

    #input("\n\n\Press the RETURN key to finish.")

Wonder how many people we can get to like ROBODOC?
Posted on Saturday, February 8, 2014 6:53 AM | Back to top

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