August 2009 Entries

VS2005 Debug Local window disappearing

I had an annoying problem of the Local variable debug window disappearing during debugging.  When the VS2005 debugger was started the window was there but when I clicked on another docked window the Locals window disappeared.

Turns out that there were 2 sets of docked panels in the IDE.  I figured this out by auto hiding the docked window that was visible during debugging.  There was 2 sets of tabs below the auto hidden window.  I then redocked all the tabs to the same area.

Fixing "The SMTP host was not specified"

In most of my code I have an error notification function that sends me emails when I have exceptions. The basic call is Dim smtp As New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient() smtp.Send(msg) The mail server can be specified in the New call, but hard coding it will cause problems if the mailserver ever changes. The mailserver can be specified in the web.config or app.config but some apps I have are DLLs that do not have .config files. The solution I found is to add the following code to the machine.config file ......