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I have more then 70 entries im my blog, and I want to edit some old entry.

My question is: What is the best procedure to find the old entry?

How I am doing now:

1. Search in the Google with “”  and keywords about the article.

2.Open the article or just note the date in the link url of the post.

3. Open my blog in Admin mode(EditPosts.aspx)

4.Estimate in my mind on which page the entry is located and open the page.

5.If I select the page correctly, open “edit“ link fot the post.Otherwise try step 4 again.

It is not a big problem, but it should be a better way to do this. Sometimes “category“ can help.

Ideally it should be options to search within “Edit Posts” and also  “Edit” link form individual post view.


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