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I've asked MS Supportregarding : does MS staff receive notifications when someone adds Community Discussion comment, Rating or Validation comment for closed issues?Or it is better to raise a new issue to grab MS staff attention? It will be good to put the answer to "Submit and Track Feedback"section.

They replied  that no notification is sent to MS staff for a closed bug. If a new bug is submitted for the same issue, it would likely be identified and closed as a duplicate.

I considered to post the following as a suggestion to MS.

Let's consider the following scenario.
I noticed some bug/limitation in Visual Studio. I opened  Feedback website and found that somenone reported the similar problem back in 2005 and it was closed with resolution "postponed" or "Won't fix"(which often means postponed) or "external". I believe that the issue is important and want to ask MS to review/re-consider the resolution. To do this I am adding   Community Discussion comment and/or Rating or Validation comment  with assumption that MS staff will be notified about my comments.
Based on your answer that no notification is sent to MS staff for a closed bug, I wouldn't achieve what I wanted. An ability to add  Community Discussion comment, Rating or Validation comment  is MISLEADING and causes confusion for users.
It will be good to show warning when user adds comment to the closed issue.

However I found similar ACTIVE issue raised here: Improve feedback comments handling and reactivation   ,so I just voted as important. 

Lesson learned: If I want to ask MS to read/review/re-consider the closed issue, I have to submit a new bug/suggestion report.
Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2007 1:25 AM Blogging | Back to top

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