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We are going to have a windows service that will run a few workflow(WF) instances. I want to have configuration information to be stored in  separate config files for each WF instance.
I remembered that EntLib has helper classes to store custom objects configuration in separate custom configuration file, but finding good examples in Google wasn't easy(probably I didn't find good search keywords).

The links that I finally found(more relevant to the task first)

Tom Hollander 'post External configuration files in Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 mostly talks about EntLib provider config sections, but comments are talking about FileConfigurationSource  and custom sections.

Alois Kraus has good articles in his blog : Read/Write App.config with .NET 2.0/Enterprise Library  (and similar in  CodeProject) and Microsoft Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0: Configuration .

Using section handlers to group settings in the configuration file.  shows how to use sections of the types:

  • NameValueSectionHandler
  • DictionarySectionHandler
  • SingleTagSectionHandler 


    Example of separate custom config file Enterprise Library - Configuration Application Block - Patterns and Practices is obsolete(using EntLib 1.0). See Enterprise Library 2.0 - From Configuration Block to IConfigurationSource - SystemConfigurationSource - FileConfigurationSource


    reference: Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.Configuration Namespace

    Alternative implementations from CodeProject without using EntLib are Custom app.config  and A custom configuration file AppSettings reader class


    If you want to add  EntLib Configuration Manager Design time support for editing your sections, look at 

    Enterprise Library Configuration (Part 1/2): Customized Appsettings and the EntLib Configuration Manager tool

    Enterprise Library Configuration (Part 2/2): Customizable configuration with framework extensions  

    Alex Homer: Adding Configuration Support for Custom Providers in Enterprise Library in ASP.NET 2.

    and Enterprise Library 2.0: Building Named Extensions in the Configuration Console

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