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In MOM 2000 there is no ability to quickly find which rules use the script.

I found a script in MOM/Rules/Advanced/Scripts/  ( or alternatively in DB one point Script table) and my question was which rules run the script.

Use [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRuleToScript] table to find the rules.


select * from [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRuleToScript]

where Idscript='5c4a58cf-709c-4a1f-895a-0aec79ff55a9'(this GUID is just example)


select * from [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRule]

where idProcessRule in


select idProcessRule from [OnePoint].[dbo].[ProcessRuleToScript]

where Idscript='5c4a58cf-709c-4a1f-895a-0aec79ff55a9'


The SQL gives names of rules, but I wasn't able to find where ProcessingRulePath is stored, so I had to manually expand rules tree to find rules in MOM MMC console Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2008 1:28 AM MOM | Back to top

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