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QuickCode.Net  has a new free 2008 version.

UPDATE: in a new release 3.0.6. it's possible to assign any shortcut key. In VS 2008  Customise keyboard  I've selected command QuickCode2008.AddIn.ReplaceQuickCode  and assigned a shortcut key Alt-Q.

It uses <TAB> instead of previously assigned Alt-Q hotkey.

<TAB> is consistent with standard VS snippets.

 If you press the TAB key after your QuickCode, e.g.


the QuickCode will expand.

If the same pattern exists in snippets and QuickCode, the VS snippet goes first. QuickCode deliberately does NOT expand QuickCodes while Intellisense is active.

After some use of new QuickCode.Net 2008  I understood that I prefer old Alt-Q , not new Tab


 The reasons for this are the following:
1. when typing, because of active Intellisense list it usually requires to do <ESC> to clear list , and only then <Tab> , instead of simple <Tab>
2. To clicking <Tab>, you need to be at the end of line.
E.g. if you typed your macro and want to fix typo in the middle of the line , you neet to go to the end of the line next.
Alt-Q didn't have this requirement.
3. Parameter with spaces doesn't work with TAB.
E.g. I have a macro
#r Region description with spaces
that converts into
#region  "Region description with spaces"
#endregion  //"Region description with spaces"
It worked with Alt-Q, but when using TAB, spaces within parameter are not supported.
UPDATE: Markus from (MOBZystems) adviced me to use Optional arguments:
To support spaces In the following QuickCode macro in the pattern use :  not
#r %%desc%%
#r %{desc}%.
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<quickcodes version="3.0">
  <quickcode description="region" pattern="#r %{desc}%" priority="0">
    <expansion language="Basic"><![CDATA[#region "%%desc%%"
#End Region ' %%desc%%]]></expansion>
    <expansion language="CSharp"><![CDATA[#region "%%desc%%"
#endregion // %%desc%%]]></expansion>
And everything works as expected!
 Tip: You can copy the XML above to the clipboard and paste it into the QuickCode list to copy this QuickCode to your own collection.

Ideally it would be good if QuickCode  will support both keys. 

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