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I’ve tried to work out, is it good to use to convert and send documents to Kindle DX.
Amazon description is not very clear, and it’s not obvious, that DX doesn’t support WiFi.
Finally I understood, that sending to just sends the email to your email address attempting to convert attachments to azw fromat.
You can then transfer the document to your Kindle through the USB cable.
Keep in mind that IE support  to send html page in email body, but not directly  as attachment, Also images from html pages were not converted properly.
So I decided do not bother with this free kindle service.

Much simpler is to Download Calibre ,save any html file from browser(using ctrl-S in FireFox), and use Calibre to send the file(s) to Kindle through USB connection.

UPDATE: Recently I’ve started to use Instapaper and found the article
I am using Kindle DX 3G browser, but wasn’t able to save links< as it was suggested in the article.
Fortunately, comments have a link to, which allow to copy every saved to instapaper document to the Kindle as soon as Kindle connected to my machine.
It is much simpler than Calibre.


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