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This evening, the Boston Red Sox finally attained the dreams of generations of Boston fans -- and I congratulate them.

My friends know that I am not a baseball fan, but that I have an intense dislike of the New York Yankees. I believe it started with Mr. October Reggie Jackson, but it quickly segued and narrowed to George Steinbrenner himself. I cannot think of a better poke in the eye than this.

I feel both happy and sad for Sox fans. I am happy that the 86 year drought is gone along with the Bambino’s house. I am sad, though, in that they will no longer have a curse to blame for future failures. They will have to learn a new way to lose. (A quick shout out to my college friend Sully. You taught me lots about how to suffer as a Sox fan, even if I really did not care much.) I think they will be OK.

The achievement of the Boston Red Sox tonight was the perfect storm of baseball. When you are three games down in the Pennant series and then come back to win the next eight straight, you have achieved something never done before in baseball -- other than in the generations of fantasies dreamed by Sox fans of yore. If there were ever eight games to win in a row, they were those eight.

Here’s to you, Sully. (Please don’t burn anything down.)

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 11:41 PM The Stump , & Etc. | Back to top

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