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Great post from dasBlonde:,guid,8d2a4b2c-c2f4-4dab-9bb6-b3218bf17c71.aspx

Here’s the details:

The blog is about globalization and how to architect Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications for localization, leveraging .NET resources where appropriate. Here’s the samples she listed:

Here’s the Additional globalization resources she listed:

She’s got some awesome content on ClickOnce. Check out the rest of her posts if you are looking for some great ClickOnce samples.

Here’s Microsoft recommendation on this subject ( The article is a bit dated, but the concepts are consistent.

FYI – there’s an interesting contrast to this approach I found on “The Code Project”. Very interesting approach


Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 6:19 PM Visual Studio 2005 , .NET Framework 2.0 , Visual Dev - Solutions Architecture | Back to top

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