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As many of you know, Microsoft has been working on a new version of LitwareHR that uses SQL Server Data Services instead of SQL Server as the store. This was first presented in MIX by SSDS Architect Nigel Ellis (see session here). Microsoft hasn't released the code, as SSDS is not widely available to the public yet.

Those of you familiar with LitwareHR will also notice that Microsoft updated it’s look & feel with a more modern UI.

Eugenio Pace has written a series of blog posts that describe in more detail what is happening behind the scenes:

SQL Server Data Services - SSDS - New version of LitwareHR

LitwareHR on SSDS - Part I - Multi-tenancy & Flexibility

LitwareHR on SSDS - Part II - The data access layer

LitwareHR on SSDS - Part III - Data access enhancements 1: caching

LitwareHR on SSDS - Part IV - Data access enhancements 2: developing offline

LitwareHR on SSDS - Part V - Searching across Containers

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