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I solved a problem identical to the description of this problem with SQL SERVER and you can see my post here;
and I’ll share the solution for oracle below.

After you have configured the Oracle data source (and worked your way through the errors) and the data source appears in the library - the problem cannot be solved with the configuration tools in SPD.

 Go to the ‘_catalogs/fpdatasources’ folder in the folder list panel of SPD.  Find the XML file that corresponds to the data source in error as it appears in the data source library.

 Double-click on the XML file to open it up in SPD.  The find the connection string attibute.

Simplify the connection string to just: Data Source, User ID and password.  (E.G. “Data Source=XXX;User ID=XXX;password=XXX”
~ Replace XXX with your parameters.)
Set the attribute ProviderName=”System.Data.OracleClient”
If you don’t have an Oracle provider for the SPD that works, I used _designer:Provider=”MSDAORA” and it worked form me.
Save the file and close it.

Test the data source in an existing data view or create a new data view.

I hope this solution the works for you.

Good Luck!

posted on Thursday, June 4, 2009 7:31 PM


# re: Configuring Oracle datasource in Sharepoint Designer 10/6/2009 3:20 AM Hans CHYS
Hi Patrick,
I have a related question where your expertise could be helpful too ;-)
Here it comes:

For a quality project within our contactcenters, I’m looking for a professional solution to automatically ‘pump’ data from an oracle server into a Sharepoint-List each 15 minutes.

Concretely: My Oracle table (“Quality_Data” is updated each 15 minutes. After each update, I want to append the NEW RECORDS into an existing SharePoint list. Highest priority is APPENDING records. If possible, UPDATING records would be fine too.
Goal is to prefill the list with the oracle-data, and then add extra (manual) info into this list via the regular Sharepoint-forms.

Currently, I’m still working with Sharepoint 2003, but we’ll migrate soon, so I need a solution that is futureproof for Sharepoint 2007 also.
I’m not the SharePoint administrator, so I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t need much server-system-intervention on Sharepoint-side. I do have the possibilities to create scripts on Oracle or Unix.

A this moment, the trick is done by using an MS Access file (ODBC to the Oracle-db) that is launched each 15” by a VB script on a windows server. But there are too much ‘points of failures’ in this process and it’s NOT a reliable solution.

I suppose there must be possibilities by using an Oracle script, a PERL script, UNIX-script, a webservice, etc. … that accesses the Sharepoint list directly.

Thanks for your concrete advise on this, if possible with an example script !


# re: Configuring Oracle datasource in Sharepoint Designer 6/14/2010 2:55 PM ramzi boulifa
Hi, i am looking for the same solution. Is some body got the answer ...please advise.


# re: Configuring Oracle datasource in Sharepoint Designer 12/1/2017 7:17 PM aqueel
i want to connect oracle serve database to sharepoint desginer 2013

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