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Just came across this awesome summary regarding some additional features to Reporting Services 2008 and 2008 R2 Enjoy ......

I was setting up a Sharepoint foundation 2010 to integrate with Reporting Services. But to get this working you will need to install the SSRS 2008 version of the add-in or the SSRS 2008 R2 version of the add-in This will depend on the Windows 2008 server OS you are using. But i kept getting the error on the Windows 2008 Server R2 box as i was trying to install the rsSharePoint_x64.msi which is for the SSRS 2008 version of the add-in i later noticed there was another one just for the SSRS 2008 R2 ......

Good SSRS Expression  tip and tricks here


I tried loading up my Reporting Services 2005 on my visra machine today via url: http://localhost/reports/Pa... And it loaded up blank which i means i couldn't see my Report Folders and DataSources etc but i ccould see the menu like home,my subscribtion etc.. So i taught let me give the Report Server a try at http://localhost/ReportServer and i go an error insufficent permission I was too sure it was a permission issue so i checked IIS and made sure Windows Auth was enable and Anonymouse ......

When you click the print button from the ReportViewer control (Sql Server 2005)you get the error: Unable to load client print control I never had this issue with ReportViewer control (Sql Server 2000). After doing some research it came out that there were many solutions to this depending on your environment. 1) Installing the RSClientPrint.Cab which can be found in the program Files\MSSQL Server\Reporting Services\ReportSerer\bin\.. folder. But with this you would have to deploy this cab to all the ......

I decided to install sql server 2008 and all went well suprisingly But after trying to connect to Reporting Services 2008 and tried running Reporting Services Configuration Manager I get error :"No report servers were found. Details: Invalid namespace" Below is a solution i was from one of the MSDN posts: Steps to modify the ReportingServices.MOF file to fix this issue: 1. Locate the existing MOF file (example: %ProgamFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.SQL2008\Repor... Services\ReportServer\bin\r... ......

Its good to have a calendar control in the new Reporting Services 2005 which wasn't available in the previous version. Good on you Microsoft but sorry the calendar control isn't working well. I was working on some reports and i noticed that when previewing the reports in Visual Studio or in the Report Manager site all seems good when i select a date from the date picker it does format accordingly to my culture setting which is en-AU date format e.g dd/M/YYYY but when i'm loading the reports via the ......