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Microsoft posted Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 to the Web on Wednesday.

PS Exchange 2003 SP2 requires Windows Server 2003 SP1

Besides all the excellent features around mobility, push email and Windows Mobile 2005, service pack 2 also introduces:

·         Disable all PF replication in the organization to curb replication storms by right-clicking at the org level.

·         Public folder deletion logging – event viewer reports the public folder name, time, and who deleted it.

·         Synchronize PF hierarchy – one step better than “Send Hierarchy” which only resends previously broadcasted updates.  Synchronizing will force the operation.

·         A new wizard with the ability to gracefully apply permissions down to subfolders by applying your change as a delta.  Also gives administrators the ability to replace a replica path on a particular server, which will only affect the PF with a replica on that server.

·         A “move all replicas” feature by right-clicking the PF store on a particular server.

·         Prohibit deletion of a PF store when there is still data in it.

If you previously installed IMFv1, SP2 will make you uninstall IMFv1 before installing the new IMFv2.  However, IMFv2 must be turned back on after the install—if you forget, you’ll be 0wnz’d by the spammers. (Thanks for Mark Rineck)

for both Standard Edition and (eventually) SBS 2003.  In addition, there are a few additions to help administrators manage that hard limit, including:

·         Configureable storage limit checking via the registry (default 24 hours),

·         White space doesn’t count against you,

·         Administrators can set a protective (do not grow more than…) size limit,

·         You’ll see warnings in event log when running up against the limit.

Administrators can now deny MAPI connectivity to users who are not in cached mode, or just deny MAPI altogether.  This doesn’t apply to OWA—the idea is hosting providers can require “OWA only” with this new setting.  This setting is set on a per-user basis by modifying the user’s ProtocolSettings attribute in AD.  It does not apply to Exchange functions like move mailbox wizard or mailbox delegates.

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