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I took the plunge after reading a couple of reviews of the November CTP and all I can say is wow! I am running a Toshiba M200 with the February CTP build of Vista (5308) and the “tablet” experience is phenomenal. I haven't had to load a single driver! Well, I did have to load the beta nVidia driver for my GeForce go 5200 to get the Aero Glass. Otherwise, everything is working “out of the box.” Now, I should disclaimer that – there are a few Toshiba-specific gadgets that aren't working – the rotate screen button for one. But nothing that is critical or even mildly annoying . . . The rocker button even works! Wifi went right up as well! And the new TIP in Vista is just awesome!! The recognition is dramatically improved. I know this is by no means scientific, but so far I have literally had only 1 mis-read. And I am doing things like configuring Outlook RPC over HTTP where you are typing a lot of odd things like FQDNames and profile names. Once I get a few other things configured I can hardly wait to see how well this keeps going. My company’s Cisco VPN client software never worked in previous versions, so that will be next up on the testing block. Stay tuned! Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2006 11:23 AM | Back to top

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Yeah, I think Vista gets a bad rap from people who didn't bother to upgrade their hardware before upgrading. If you get a new computer like you did, then Vista works great. I built my computer around Vista and it runs perfect!
Left by Alex on Jan 15, 2008 7:28 PM

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