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After this post, I continued to try to work with Vista for another week before I finally reloaded my XP SP2 image. I did find out that the reason for the slowness in browsing as mentioned in item #4 is most likely attributed to the web caching appliance the networking team uses. Let’s just say it isn't ISA Server 2004 (learn about ISA Server 2006 which rocks even more)! I just loaded the IE7 beta 3 build on the same XP SP2 image and it is running very well so far. The UI seems more streamlined and complete. The tabbing experience is very quick and I love being able to re-order my tabs. I am also trying out using it for downloading the enclosures to podcast feeds I am subscribed to. I wish there was a way to tell IE where to put my enclosures as well as auto build playlists for iTunes or WMP as many other downloaders do. For some reason, anytime a Microsoft product team adds a feature set to an existing product that already exists in a third-party tool, they always do a bare-bones implementation. I would think they would look at what is out there and do a “best of the best” feature implementation. I am also thankful for the added features around how IE determines the read status of your posts. Nice addition. Posted on Tuesday, July 4, 2006 1:35 PM | Back to top

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