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I took a dim view of one of Mary Jo’s blog posts a while back where she questioned the fact that there was no time line available for the successor to Vista – despite the fact that Vista hasn't even been released yet – or despite the fact that she and the press crucify Microsoft when they then announce any delay to that time line.

Now its more of the same. recently suffered a service outage due to a power failure in the area where its data center is located. Enter today’s article: “Who's to Blame for Microsoft Customer MySpace's Outage?” Before you read it, you just know the tenor of the article. And I can even see (although not agree with) her trying to suggest it could have been a flaw in Microsoft’s SQL Server software responsible for the outage – since as she points out, was one of the first large customers to deploy SQL Server 2005. But to go on and then suggest that Microsoft should have had a hand in making sure that’s business continuity plan was sufficient – or even existed – is crazy. To quote a Microsoft representative from the article “neither [fail over or mirroring] of those technologies is provided by default, and it was up to individual customers how, when and if to make use of them.”

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