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I was poking around all of the content that is tied to this year’s Agile conference, and also browsing and  selecting the sessions I want to attend next week when I realized that many of the speakers and sessions are using games to get their points across.  This does reinforce the collaboration and feedback tenets quickly when you’re playing a game - “Hey you can’t roll, it’s not your turn!” or my favorite - “Every time you are the banker you end up winning!”.  We are watching and responding, and this was probably something we all learned first – like when we were kids growing up.

My point here is that every piece of advice I end up sharing with someone related to taking a certain approach or trying to bend the curve of failure for an upcoming production launch comes directly from a point of failure, or as I tell my leader – pain, “I remember this because it was really painful.”

This week has been slightly tougher than the rest since there were strategically placed microscopes (think about the pretzel and M&M commercial) and the communication just really sucked, not the quantity but the quality.  The coding tasks seemed simple but the overhead of the what the leadership was selling screwed everything up in my mind.  Take-a-breath, count-to-10.  This week is over.

Now I’m looking at the Agile conference like it’s elementary school recess or something, “hey, let’s play a game to see if we can learn, practice, and explore.”  It’s requiring a little mind bending for me this weekend. 

I only have more painful experience from a project that tried to run as Agile/Scrum and failed in the eyes of the Product Owner and their constituents, but it actually worked as it was designed to by pointing out the flaws in different design artifacts that were done earlier before the development tasks started.  This is in the back my mind while I’m looking at this session catalog.  I can tell I’m really bruised or just still a total uber-noob – or maybe both.

At any rate, I’m totally ready to hear folks share some of their experiences on how clients and peers use(d) their wisdom and knowledge to deliver solid solutions.  And  how people practice lean, XP, Kanban, and craftsmanship just to name a few.

Let The Games Begin!

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