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I decided I was sick of Visual Source Safe so I thought I'd setup Subversion as my source control service. I knew it would take some time but there is NO way I couldn't have done it without the resources I am listing below. There were a number of things I just had to tinker with, too, to get it the way I need it so I am posting some of my discvoeries/bumps here as well. I hope these might help someone who have used similar resources but are having difficulty getting going.


I read the excellent series here before beginning. It became obvious I was going to have to find resources all over the web so I knew I was in for a long day. His series is exactly what I needed since he was also walking away from SourceSafe and wasn't a Apache guru (I'm not either).

The first thing I needed to understand was that Apache 2.2 (the most recent version when I did this) would not work with the modules included with the 1-Click setup because they were compiled against Apache 2.0.x. I got some kind of "garbled" message when I tried to start Apache after following the config changes this article prescribed and I figured there was some versioning issue. I saw the notice for the Windows binaries here and instead installed Apache 2.0.x. After that, I was able to start the services with the Subversion modules installed just fine.


The PHP setup took awhile just because the version of PHP5 I installed didn't have the php5apache2.dll anywhere. I may have been overlooking it, but I went back out and downloaded the binaries and managed to find it that way. Also, the (default) installation path is slightly different, being "C:\PHP" instead of "C:\Program Files\PHP".

The version of WebSVN I downloaded didn't include a "" file but did have a "" file. I made my edits to that file and saved it as "". That wasn't mentioned in the article either, but I am sure I just overlooked something.

Enscript is an elusive application that I simply couldn't find on any mirror site so I just gave up. I don't mind reading plain text.

The remainder of the setup on this article was straightforward. The only thing I did different was setup the files to be ignored in the global-ignores section of the config on the server. Rather than going into every file setting up the same ignore commands, this ignores them globally. This won't work for everyone but is fine for me. Read chapter 7 in the Subversion book for details of setting up thte config file. I found it in my Default Users/Application Data folder (may be hidden) and also the Administrator/Application Data folder. I think this is where I am suppsed to make the changes...going to find out soon!


After getting all this running okay I wanted to make sure only I appreciated it :). So I wanted to integrate Windows Authentication with accessing the resources. The two resources I used are below. They are slightly different approaches and ultimately I will incorporate SSL, but haven't had time today to do so.

One thing I needed to understand was the case-sensitivity of the usernames setup in the config file (mine is called "authorization.config"). So if I am setup with DOMAIN\USERNAME and then try to access via Tortoise using DOMAIN\username I will get an error refusing my connection request. There was some confusiong at the end of one of the articles about how to setup the [groups] and repository sections. Here is how mine looked:

grp = DOMAIN\mnichols, mnichols, DOMAIN\Administrator, Administrator

* = r
@grp = rw

I only have one repository so that works. You can name the repository in the [/] section to splt out your permissions.

I had some truble finding the sspi module to use with Apache but managed to get the latest version here.


After all this I can finally logon using my windows credentials and enjoy access to my source from anywhere without the weirdness of SourceSafe.

Getting used to using Tortoise (the client I chose) took some time, but is pretty intuitive.


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