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I am sure I everyone else knows this by now, but I wanted to jot a note. When you are passing strings to an HQL query, it's best practice to assign those strings to a parameter (named or positional) and let HQL escape the special characters for you. So it would look like this when searching by a Name and Distinction tag on an Entity:

            StringBuilder queryString = new StringBuilder();


            queryString.Append("from Entity e where e.Name= :name AND ");

            queryString.Append("e.DistinctionTag = :distinctionTag ");




                query.Match = Session.CreateQuery(queryString.ToString()).SetString("name",query.Name)

                                  .SetString("distinctionTag",query.DistinctionTag).UniqueResult() as IEntity;


            catch (NonUniqueResultException)


                query.Match = new NullEntity();


            return query.Match;

The call to .SetString() is where we assign our parameters to our string values. This works for matching Custom Classes and even Custom Type Properties as well. Sweet.

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