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The day started a bit early today as we have to present a small session at Community Tech Days @ Hyderabad which was confirmed today itself. The event went very well, over 200 attendees have attended the event. Speakers from various states came to Hyderabad to attend the event.
I first met Harish Ranganathan, my favourite evangelist, after entering the hall.
Hima Bindu delivered the first session on Web Development Enhancements in VS 2010 which was very interactive and informative. Next Arun Ganesh spoke on WCF - A Developer's Perspective, which pulled out some interesting points on WCF. After this, we got a chance to give out our mini session on the budding user group Hyderabad Techies(

It was really a great experience to stand infront of Tech Don's and deliver a session. (a bit tensed in the beggining, but covered later)
We got many appreciations and compliments from some great people over there (both personally and regarding Hyderabad Techies).

Next sessions are IT Pro realted. So, didn't expect many developers to these sessions as it is for administrators ans IT Pros'. But, to our surprise, there are more number of developers than administrators.
Hariveer and Muqeet delivered the sessions on VS Lab Management 2010 and IIS 7.5 for Administrators.

The last but not least is Windows 7 - Core OS Enhancements and how it would matter our Applications by Vijay Raj. (I was scared after reading this big title at first). At first, I thought that it was some thing like promotion to Windows 7. But, it is not! The session went in a rational manner describing the facts of Windows 7 and its development. This was the most jovial and fun-filled session of all the sesions in the event. We really enjoyed the session like anything. The way he explained and the examples he used to describe was very funny. I really had a great time with Vijay today, both before and after his session. Today became a most memorable day in my life which I would never forget in my life. I am very happy and proud to be a part of the Event.

Looking forward to attend next CTD...

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