DevCon 2006 Hyderabad - Huge Success !!!

Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH) conducted the DevCon 2006 successfully at the Microsoft Campus, Gachibowli on Sunday, 19th November 2006.

DevCon 2006, thanks to the active MUGH Members and Microsoft folks (including me :) ) who managed to turn out for the event for speaking / organizing etc., was a huge success.

We made sure that it is clearly an User Group event and not a Microsoft event. The same can be implied with most of the speakers being Non Microsoft.

Arun Ganesh (MVP), Anjana (MVP) and Anand Kumar Rao and others were the main speakers whilst we also managed to have speakers from MS like Vinod Kumar, Ramakrishnan, Pratap Ladhani, Lakshmi etc.,

Of course, I was also there but I just did a brief intro for the last session by Lakshmi and mostly took the back seat (literally I was sitting at the back of the podium)

Some of the key highlights were

People started pouring in at the Microsoft Campus, as early as 8:15 in the morning and being it a Sunday, it was surprising for folks turning out, so early.

The audience count was between 300 - 400 and this is including the fact that we didnt allow Student Community People. So, most of them were Developers and Architect

The sessions extended till 7pm and when we asked the audience about having another session (Thanks to me, who always opts in with last minute sessions), they were ready to stay back. In fact even after that session, they were holding to their seats until we announced they can move.

The LINQ Session was the last session taken by Lakshmi and it previewed the features of LINQ and mainly B-LINQ.

We got a huge appreciation for the super functionality of the B-LINQ Tool.

There were plenty of Goodies and those who stayed late managed to get one more set of Tees and Stress Ball.

Given to the fact that this was a User Group (an un managed) community event, the above facts shows the success story. I will soon update this page with the links for the materials as well as photos.

Cheers !!!

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